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Đang hiển thị bài đăng từ Tháng 4, 2023

End season letter

 End season letter (to all Guilds)It has been two days since we take the temple. Everything is like a dream. I am still excited about the history we write together. I am here to say thank you to everyone, to all the effort you have made. Without teamwork, we are nothing. I praise this wonderful team. UT3 is just a name of the guild, there are OPT, Rus and others together to form UT3. Appreciate everything you have worked for UT3 family! BTW, sorry that i might not be experienced and mature to handle everything (to all Guilds)if i have made you unhappy, please forgive me because everything is in hurry in this eden. I am glad to be here to be yr leader. Leader is only the position, without team members, leader cant do much! thank you everyone. Meanwhile, i would like to give special thanks to fighters, they are always online and being our protection and battle target.  To them all I express our respect and admiration for their courage and selflessness. Meanwhile, I would also like to say